Floral Print Dress + Overcoat

October 31, 2016

Hi guys!  How is life treating you these days?  If you are anything like me, some days are better than others, right?  Well can I just share with you something I do to keep things in perspective when I find myself falling through the rabbit hole?  Gratitude. I take a minute to take stock of all of my blessings and 9 out of 10 times it has nothing to do with my material wealth.  Don't get me wrong I am grateful for my home and all the things I keep in my ever growing closet...but when I get down to the bare bones I am most grateful for my health, my family and the love we share with one another.  Thats it, that is the bare bones.  This weekend I found myself reflecting while taking a hot shower on a cold night  (something we don't even think about but others wish they had) and decided to sit my family down and remind them how fortunate we are and how much I love them.  My heart grew two sizes in that moment.  What are some of the things you are grateful for?

Ok, that was my reflection...I do that from time to time, now back to this look.  I am wearing this romantic floral print dress that is a great fall to winter transitional piece when paired with some high boots and a floor length overcoat.  You won't believe how much this overcoat cost, $60! Who says you have to spend $300 for a coat?  Not Forever21 and it is a solid, quality piece.

Ive owned these boots for years!  I think I brought them from Shoe Dazzle, its one of the older sites that provides you with a curated shoe selection based on a style test you take when you sign up.  I believe you are charged $40 a month which you can use towards a pair of shoes.  I find their heels are a little too high for a woman of my age...πŸ‘€.  When I was younger I didn't respect my feet or comfort for that matter,  but you live and you learn.  Check them out, see if they tickle your fancy.

Thanks for reading my loves!  XOXO

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Happy Halloween! A Brew at the Zoo Review

October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween guys!!  Ok so I admitted on my instagram this weekend that I'm not a fan of Halloween.  It really DOES freak me out, maybe its the masks and not knowing what is under that mask or the bad juju I grew up with around the holiday.  Like egg throwing, stealing candy from kids or maybe its one too many horror movies, I just don't like Halloween!  Ok enough of my venting session, there are many who enjoy it so here is my homage to you.

My friends and I got tickets to Brew at the Zoo, it's when the Bronx Zoo makes a small fortune using a typically unused time frame to have grown people walk around (waiting on really, really long lines) tasting beer and perusing food trucks.

Little Red Riding Hood + her dear old "grandma"
My review...here it goes...I am no beer drinker, I took one for the team so my husband could enjoy some brew. (Thats love my friends!) I think the concept of the event excited me more than the reality.  Which was grazing with lots of waiting.  There WAS however a live band which I ALWAYS appreciate.  They played some covers from The Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182 and Soundgarden allll music I enjoy so that was a plus.  I enjoyed some really creative home-made costumes, including characters from The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and llamas. The weather was AMAZING!  And of course I was with some of my really good friends and that is always a good time.  Would I do it again? Probably not. But hey I came, I saw, I conquered and lived to blog about it.  

Cat Lady + Tyler Perry (sorry A, I had to improvise, lol)


My bestie, you will see more of her soon...I got some plans for her and this blog, lol

BOO! She is less scary during the day...

You know those chase scenes where the woman trips on her feet? I think thats what is happening here. 

Thank you for reading!  Share your costume pictures down below, I'd love to see what you came up with!   


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4 Tips to Help Fight the (Winter) Blues

October 27, 2016

Hi guys!  I wanted to share some nuggets of inspiration and tips that you might find helpful when fighting the soon to be winter blues or blues in general.  Confession time, I am a positive person, in fact, my mother (I call her Mona Bear, don't ask why cause I really couldn't tell you) once said to me and I quote, "the entire house could be burning down and you would remain calm and take it in stride."  I think she is mostly right.  Don't get me wrong, Ive panicked and Ive broken down with the best of them and my life hasn't been a storybook but what has always served me well is understanding the power I have within.  So here are some tricks to get you back in the game:

1. Be Kind to Yourself

What do I mean by that?  Well,  treat yourself to something out of your normal routine.  For me thats easy, a hot pumpkin macchiato from Dunkin Donuts on my way to work in the morning ALMOST always does it for me.  BAM! Instant better mood.  For you, it might be a new tube of lipstick, flowers for your office or treating yourself to a smoothie.  You get the hint, something small, inexpensive and well deserved that turns the ordinary into extraordinary in a flash.  

2. Deep Breathing

There is nothing more invigorating and mind-clearing than taking three deep breaths.  I've practiced yoga off and on for four years and one of the basic steps you learn is to connect with your breath.  You might think this is hookie, but humor me, close your eyes and take three deep, mindful breathes...a little better already right?? Told you!  

3.  Get Physical

Speaking of yoga, my third tip is get physical!  Nothing and I mean NOTHING is better then the feeling you feel after a good ole fashion workout.  Get the heart pumping, clear the cobwebs trapped in that mind of yours.  Take a yoga class, try pilates, take a salsa class, try that kickboxing class your co-worker told you about.  Spend some quality time with your favorite person, you!  You won't regret it.  Ive never heard anyone say, "uhh that yoga class was a complete waste of my time." Even a not so good yoga class is better than no yoga class.  

4.  Pay it Forward

What do I mean by pay it forward?  Well, I talked about it a little on Instagram this week.  Make someone else's day a little better by having just come into contact with you.  Compliment their outfit or hair or the awesome job they did on that project or email or whatever, as long as its sincere, obviously.  We admire things about people all the time, mostly to ourselves in our own heads, can you imagine if we started to share with them all of the wonderful things we thought about them?  It would make their ENTIRE day, and yours by extension! I kid you not, when I am in a terrible mood I force myself to count my blessings and to be a blessing in someone else's life too. Just yesterday, a coworker seemed upset with personal stuff, I told her, go to your office, relax I am going to treat you to a nice cup of coffee and the moistest muffin you've ever had!  A simple gesture showed her someone cares and knowing I was able to care for someone made my day a lot better.  

These are a few of my tricks, what are some of yours?  Comment below and don't forget to follow! 

Thanks for reading. XOXO πŸ’‹

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About Me

October 23, 2016

Hi! My name is Erica.  Starting this blog is something I've been wanting to do for a LOONG time, but I knew it would be a distraction to my educational goals.  Good news! I completed my graduate work leaving me with no other excuses for starting a blog. So here I am and if you're reading this, there you are.

A little about me:
Puerto Rican, born and raised in the Bronx, recent Yonkers, NY transplant.  Beloved wife and mother of two, three if you count my four legged youngest, 🐢Timmy.  I studied, literature with a minor in creative writing as an undergrad and completed my graduate work in Public Administration.  I am a higher education professional at an architecture school in New York City.  

A little about my style:
I am a bargain huntress and I hardly ever wear the same outfit twice!  Seriously, its a talent I've had since I started dressing myself and its not because I have a million dollar wardrobe, its because I mix and match pieces to create totally new looks.  My favorite stores include H&M, Forever21, Asos, Topshop and Zara to name a few.

I offer effortless, affordable style and life inspiration that will help you style the life you deserve.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo πŸ’‹

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Moto Jacket + Brim Hat = Fall Uniform

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Okay...here we go...very first blog! (why am I so nervous??) Ok so this weekend the hubs and I took a trip downtown to visit a new exhibit that opened at the MoMa called Making Faces: Images of Exploitation and Empowerment in Cinema, small but powerful exhibit.  The show will be up through April 30th, if you are find yourself with nothing to do and you are in the city, check it out!

Trees, iced coffee and people watching...yeah I like that.
Flare High Jeans

Back to the blog, sorry I can stray off topic from time to time, its...endearing.  Currently I've been obsessed with this felted hat and my faux leather moto jacket I picked up from Forever21.  Both are my go-to's on the weekend, nothing screams, "look at me, I am hiding out here" like a hat!

Similar Booties
I rounded out the look with my flared jeans from H&M, blouse from Forever21 and booties from shoemint.   See links below pics.
Felted Hat 

Thanks for reading loves! XOXO πŸ’‹

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Everyday Face

Hi guys!  I am not very experimental when it comes to my everyday look and my night look involves a pop of color on my lip and maybe some highlighting.  I prefer a fresh faced look and it starts with healthy skin.  The change of weather use to wreck havoc on my skin, Im talking about dry, flaky skin.  That was until I found my best friend, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, it cleared up the dry skin in a few days.  It is definitely my everyday go-to and the best part is it costs like $15 at your drugstore and  a tub of the stuff lasts for about two months.  Safe to say I LOVE THE STUFF!   The other thing I do everyday is respect the power of the sun and its affects on my bare skin, so I protect my face everyday (even in the colder months) with a dab of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock.  It's light and odorless.

Now that we've got a base, we move on to the conceal.  I've got great skin, no complaints here, my "trouble" area are the dark circles under my eyes.  Growing up I was embarrassed of them but as you get older and become more comfortable in your skin you realize these "flaws" are what makes you, you.  And there is no one I'd rather be than, me.   I use drugstore brands to conceal, foundate (just go with it) contour, blush, mascara, apply Naked by Urban Decay lipstick (my only splurge cause Im a lip licker and I need the color to last!) and I'm out the door..

That's it and that's all!
Thanks for reading loves. XOXO πŸ’‹

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Cardigans + BodySuits = Fall Layering

Strappy Bodysuit
Ohh, hey...I didn't see you there..tejejeje..ok lets get past the cheese. Hi guys!  On warmer days in October, like almost every single day..last week we had 80 degree weather, you can get away with pieces a little more risquΓ© like this white strappy bodysuit, pair it with a ribbed midi skirt, long cardigan, booties and BAM you are out the door!  

Long Open Front Cardigan

SJP booties 

Ribbed midi skirt 
Thanks for reading! XOXO πŸ’‹

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Bardot Stripes + Culottes

Getty Square, Yonkers, NY, USA

Hey guys! Here is a little fact you may not know about me...I love a bargain!  Don't get me wrong there are some wardrobe staples you MUST invest a good chunk of change on because they are, well staples...but the more trendy styles and pieces that come and go like the seasons, those are the pieces you want to save on.  I recently stumbled upon a website called, Missguided.com, and can I tell you how impressed I am?  Not only do they have some great styles, the prices and sales are really purse friendly.  Below is a top I purchased last week which I paired with a pair of culottes, patent leather heels + my Kate Spade tote.  

Check out the palisades and foliage! 

Shop Similar Culottes

Patent Leather Pumps

Bardot Stripe Top

Hey girl, hey. πŸ™‹πŸ½
Kate Spade Tote

Thanks for reading! XOXO πŸ’‹

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Cozy Sweater + Thigh-high Boots

Riverdale, Bronx, NY, USA

Hi guys! After a rainy Saturday in, the hubby and I decided to take advantage of a gawgeous (peep the New York accent there) autumn Sunday!  And what screams fall more than chunky sweaters and thigh-high boots??  I love a color palette that mimics nature, browns, burgundies, mustard yellows, dark denim (what? That isn't a color in nature??) you get the point, they make transitioning into the fall a little more bearable.  Happy October!

Shop Similar Sweater

Similar Thigh-High Boots

The hubby had to run the kids off the bridge in order to get this shot. God bless him!

Let it go...

Thanks for reading!  XOXO πŸ’‹

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Lust Worthy Fall Coats

October 20, 2016

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things about the cooler weather are trenches, top coats, bombers and moto jackets.  Depends on my mood but recently menswear inspired cuts are a win for me.  Below are a few that live in my "checkout" box on any given day.
Check Duster
Houndstooth Pattern
Wool Blend

Asos Midi Trench
Stylewe Duster

Thanks for reading loves! XOXO πŸ’‹

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