Floral Print Dress + Overcoat

October 31, 2016

Hi guys!  How is life treating you these days?  If you are anything like me, some days are better than others, right?  Well can I just share with you something I do to keep things in perspective when I find myself falling through the rabbit hole?  Gratitude. I take a minute to take stock of all of my blessings and 9 out of 10 times it has nothing to do with my material wealth.  Don't get me wrong I am grateful for my home and all the things I keep in my ever growing closet...but when I get down to the bare bones I am most grateful for my health, my family and the love we share with one another.  Thats it, that is the bare bones.  This weekend I found myself reflecting while taking a hot shower on a cold night  (something we don't even think about but others wish they had) and decided to sit my family down and remind them how fortunate we are and how much I love them.  My heart grew two sizes in that moment.  What are some of the things you are grateful for?

Ok, that was my reflection...I do that from time to time, now back to this look.  I am wearing this romantic floral print dress that is a great fall to winter transitional piece when paired with some high boots and a floor length overcoat.  You won't believe how much this overcoat cost, $60! Who says you have to spend $300 for a coat?  Not Forever21 and it is a solid, quality piece.

Ive owned these boots for years!  I think I brought them from Shoe Dazzle, its one of the older sites that provides you with a curated shoe selection based on a style test you take when you sign up.  I believe you are charged $40 a month which you can use towards a pair of shoes.  I find their heels are a little too high for a woman of my age...👀.  When I was younger I didn't respect my feet or comfort for that matter,  but you live and you learn.  Check them out, see if they tickle your fancy.

Thanks for reading my loves!  XOXO

by LifeStyledbyErica 💋

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