Friday Casual Denim Look

November 18, 2016

Hi guys!  Can we just take a moment to appreciate that we made it through another week and given Friday as a reward??  Ok now that we have done that back to the post.  So let's talk a little about jeans, we all wear them, they are a go-to on weekends and casual Fridays but fit is EVERYTHING.  I don't like anything too tight, I prefer a casual fit with a boot cut.  I ordered these jeans online from H&M, they were like $25!  Don't sleep on H&M denim, they are affordable and comfy, my only recommendation is to order up a size.  I normally wear a 6 but opt for an 8 when its from H&M.  There is no shame in ordering up, I learned a long time ago not to chase a size and instead focus on the fit.  Come to think about it I also learned not to chase a number on the scale, feeling healthy and staying active has nothing to do with a number.  I finished off this look with this chic blazer, tee,  Anne Klein block heels and clutch .  Scroll down for links. 

Three cheers for the freakin weekend!

What I do every Friday morning when I get out of bed..I swear.

Thanks for reading!  What are your plans this weekend?  Comment below..

By LifeStyledbyErica 💋

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