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November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving loves!  I hope you are spending the day with people you love and care for.  I pride myself on being thankful for all I have especially when I am feeling blue.  Being able to take a moment when my mind is racing with something I didn't get or something that didn't go my way, brings me back to reality and is the key to my happiness.  I don't need a made up holiday like Thanksgiving to be thankful for all I have, but Im a sucker for themes so here it goes.  Top four things I am most thankful for:

1) My marriage

This is both our second marriage. We both were unhappy in our first marriages and were given an opportunity to learn from mistakes we made in those relationships.  Having that experience only enhances and makes us appreciate what we have with each other.  It's magical.  I will share an example with you, its personal but so is this blog so here we go.  Yesterday I was having one of those days.  You've had them before, you feel unhappy, unattractive, empty and alone.  Yes, I have those days!  Let me be clear I was at work and wasn't alone but I felt alone.  I came home to my boys, the hubby fixed me a cocktail, we had dinner and then we spent the rest of the evening cuddled in bed watching 90's movies and Friends re-runs.  We stayed up until 3am and can I tell you how "full" I feel today?  The connection I have with my husband is nothing short of magical.  I am thankful for his endless love, patience, support and understanding.

2) My boys

My husband and I both have children from our previous marriages so we are what you call a blended family.  My son is 17 and his son just turned 13.  I won't sugar coat it, raising someone else's child is not easy and we are all still learning.  We have, however, gotten a lot better.  My husband and I are very open about our feelings and insecurities and that helps us be better parents to our boys.  Our boys are different in many ways, but their differences compliment one another.  They are learning from one another and we are learning from them.  They are both kind, respectful and loving boys.  I am thankful to be blessed with not one but two wonderful boys!

3) My friends

My friends are some of the best people I know.  We share the good, the bad and the crazy and I wouldn't have it any other way.  They are smart, loving, passionate, funny and I am so lucky to share this life with them.  My friends have become my family and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them.  I am thankful that they remind me that I am worthy of love on those days that I can't see it for myself.

4) My dog Timmy

Honestly you guys if my husband told the story he would say that I wanted to return Timmy to the pound the first week we got him.  And this would be true!  We had all just moved in together, juggling a home, kids, their schedules, work and everything else the hubby and I do, it was ALOT.  Bringing a puppy into the home is almost like bringing a new baby home (I said almost).  It takes a lot of time, patience and time. lol None of which I possessed when we brought our little guy home.  I broke, I told my hubby it was too much and we should return him.  It was a moment of weakness and I am beyond grateful that the hubby was strong for all of us.  Timmy made us a family.  All of us had to chip in to train, tend and play with him.  He is the heart of our family.  He brightens any mood I am in.  He is always happy to see me, even when I've just gone to the store he welcomes me home like he hasn't seen me in weeks!  He watches movies with us, takes naps by my side and shares our meals.  The boys argue about who has to walk him and who walked him last and I wouldn't have it any other way.  That is family.  It is messy and sometimes contentious but the love we share carries us through. I am thankful for Timmy making four strangers a family.

My heart is so full of love, not just today but everyday.  I am thankful for all my life includes and I hope you feel the same way!  I wish you nothing but love and peace.

What are you thankful for?  Comment below!

Thanks for reading!  XOXO 💋

by LifeStyledbyErica

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