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December 21, 2016

How gorgeous is this table my hubby set just for the shoot?!?! I mean...

Hosting for the holidays??  Don't fret, today I am sharing a few tips for hosting a great party (holiday or other)!  I have hosted my fair share of dinner parties, cocktail parties and house parties. Can I tell you, the pressure is on!  But let me let you in on a secret.  It doesn't matter if you have all the bells and whistles and your home looks like a Pier One showroom,  a great party starts with a great host.  If you are calm, relaxed and ready to have a good time, I promise you, your guests will have a great time!  Here are a few tips to reduce the stress and increase good party vibes:

1. Self Service Bar

Before your guests arrive get all your bar essentials out and easily accessible to your guests and this includes the ice!  You don't want to spend your evening going in and out of the kitchen to fill and refill drinks, when you should be spending time with your guests!

2. Buffet Style

This works for a cocktail party, prep and lay out all of h'orderves as your guests start arriving.  I do this in my dining room next to my bar but this works on a coffee table in the living room if you prefer.  The point of doing this is one, you aren't serving everyone from the kitchen and therefore you are actually mingling and enjoying your guests and two, this can set up an ice breaker for guests meeting for the first time.  What? You've never started a conversation with someone over a cheese platter?? :)

3. Introduce your guests and get the ball rolling.

Ok so a good host introduces her guests, a GREAT host breaks the ice.  Make the connection between your guests' common interests, whether they work in similar fields, or enjoy similar sports or music, or have children that are similar in age, start the conversation and then exist stage left.

4. Clean up AFTER your guests leave

I can't tell you how many times a hostess spent all her time in the kitchen cleaning and putting away dishes RIGHT after guests finished eating!  I mean it felt like my coat was just thrown in my lap and the front door was opened awaiting my exit, not cool!  I know it might be tempting to start the cleaning early but resist the temptation.  Your guests are there to spend some time with you, don't cheat them out of your company.  The mess isn't going anywhere, it will be there after your guests leave and in the morning too, just saying..

Now go out there and host the hell out of that party!

What are some of your hosting tips?  Share them in the comments below. And don't forget to click follow!

Thanks for reading! XOXO💋

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