White and Black Stripes

December 18, 2016

 Yesterday we had our first snow of the season!  I am not crazy about snow cause I tend to get my car stuck in it, or fall in it or get dirty in it but I know that it only makes me appreciate the warmer days that much more! Its all about give and take people.  Now lets talk about this outfit.  Winter is synonymous with layering.  Gotta get your layers on to stay warm on the colder days.  I am wearing H&M nearly from head to toe with the exception of the long striped shirt, which I picked up from Forever21 a few months ago.  See links below for similar style inspo.

I snagged this go-to, all purpose Kate Spade purse for 1/3 of its price! Wanna know how?? Have you ever heard of Thred-up , no? well get into it!  They buy and sell lightly used clothes, bags and shoes for AMAZING prices! Ive purchased two dresses, two pairs of shoes and this purse and I will tell you I have not been disappointed with their selection, quality, prices or packaging.  I am working on a post that will dive into my review but as you can see I have not one bad thing to say.  We have become a "throw-away" society with no regard to the planet, this site helps its customers make a difference.  Buy second hand, you won't regret it!

Thats it, thats all!  

Thanks for reading my loves!  XOXO💋

by LifeStyledbyErica 

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