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January 2, 2017

First post of the New Year!  I've enjoyed my vacation, catching up with rest, movies and old friends and being the social butterfly couple that the hubby and I truly are but work and other obligations don't afford us the opportunity to explore.  Our boys were pleasantly surprised with their christmas gifts and have spent most of their vacation time playing PS4 online together and with their friends.  The hubby and I decided instead of planning our entire vacation off with different family outings (Im a planner guys) we would just listen to what they wanted to do.  And listen we did, although privately, can I say if I had it to do it over I would have planned at least two family outings!  My son will be in college this time next year and I am having a little bit of separation anxiety, is that normal??  I did run some errands with him today and asked him if he enjoyed his vacation and he answered, yes, very much.  I guess if he is happy, I should be too. This is his last vacation as a kid with no real responsibilities.  Let him enjoy it, right?

In other news, my blog is a little over two months old! Ive got some great things lined up for lifestyledbyerica this year including some collaborations.   A DJ and producer for a radio station in PA has asked me to be their "Fashion Fridays" gal.  Once a week I will call in and chat with them about a look I am featuring on the blog. AND,  I was contacted by a publication to feature one of my looks in their street style section and I said YES, of course!  As soon as I get my hands on it I will share it, its a small victory and a sign of things to come.  I know anything worth having is worth putting the work into building.  Growing this blog will take time, work, authenticity and patience and I am ready!

So back to this look, I was on the hunt for a fun suit with lots of personality when I stumbled upon this little beauty on  What I love most about this suit is the fit.  Cigarette pants can be tricky for some body shapes like mine, but asos seemed to work it out with the length and cut because these pants have a slimming effect.  Ive worn this suit together for my office holiday party and separately to achieve more casual looks, hmm that just gave me an idea...time for a "how to style a suit" look book for the instagram?? I think yes!  Stay tuned and don't forget to follow for updates!

Shoes are Kate Spade, a splurge I made three years ago, I couldn't find a link on them to share with you. Sorry guys.

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to more sharing! :)

by LifstyledbyErica XOXO💋

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