New Yawk Black w/ Pops of Burgundy

January 14, 2017

Hello loves!  Ok so straight to this look, the hubby and I shot this look on one of this beautiful weekends we had before the snow last weekend.  Although the weather was warm, the wind was wicked! Behind the scenes the wind knocked my hat off and forced me to eat my hair, the big ole bully.  ðŸ˜‡ It was pretty funny and I can be a good sport (most times). So this look, I went REAL New Yawk on this one with the all black uniform but spiced it up with a burgundy felt hat (thanks mom and dad-in law for my christmas gift and support) and my Tahari loafers.  PS this flounce sweater is so forgiving especially when you've been stuffing your face with christmas cookies and chocolate like you are going to the electric chair. Hey, don't judge me, Im pretty disciplined most of the year and go buck wild crazy the week between christmas and new year. Im like a cute little gremlin.  I promise, just pass me the cookies and nobody gets hurt! Confession, I picked up this jacket a few years ago from Ann Taylor in one of their online clearance sales so it is no longer available BUT I did link two similar jackets below, a high end and a more affordable version. 


Thanks for reading!  How are you doing with your eating habits after the holidays? Back to some sort of disciplined eating?  Comment below with how you cut the cravings and get back into healthy eating, Im getting there but some tips never hurt anybody. So share with me! ❤️

by LifeStyledbyErica xoxo

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