Valentine's Day Looks in 1, 2, 3

February 7, 2017

Hi loves! I am really excited about Valentine's Day this year and it isn't clear to me why, cause Ive never really been big on this holiday.  Let me think this through.  Valentine's Day is a day we celebrate love, and not just love in a romantic relationship, although that is the Hallmark emphasis, its love shared in all relationships under the sun.  The relationships we share with others is part of what makes us human.  We are social beings and sharing our time and love with others is the foundation of our happiness.  

In celebrating that love I am sharing three looks with you today.  

Look #1: Fun night with the ladies.
Sort of inspired by Lady Gaga and her Superbowl halftime show oh and the fact that Ive been burning Paparazzi for two weeks!  I pulled this look together.  A pleated skirt is such a great investment piece, I know they are really trendy right now but Ive had this AnnTaylor skirt for years and it is so versatile.  You can dress it up or dress it down, it works with pumps, sneakers, booties the options are endless!  For this look I paired it with a graphic sweatshirt I picked up from Forever21 (sorry its no longer available, but I linked a similar option below) and a distressed denim jacket that I borrowed from my son (yes my son!), a pair of leather booties, sunnies and you are ready for the evening.  Such a fun and comfy look. 

Look #2: Dinner in the City 

I put this look together with a dinner date in a fancy downtown restaurant in mind. Valentines Day is on in the middle of the workweek (bah humbug) this look transitions from the office to a dinner date with really no effort at all.  You know me, I LOVE white! Its so chic, throw on a pale pink camisole under and you've got a soft romantic look your honey is going to love! 

Look #3: Out for Drinks 

Ok, so last but certainly not least, this look is fun, edgy and sexy. Rompers are so fun and easy to wear so when I caught this baby on sale on H&M's website (AKA my second home) from $50 to just $18, I clicked buy faster then you can say lifestyledbyerica! Now the only thing I must say about rompers is they can be tricky and unforgiving so the proper supportive underwear is key (spanx, ladies, Im talking about spanx!).  l

Whatever your status, whatever your plans and whatever you wear, remember this simple truth.  Love should be shared and cherished everyday, we don't need a holiday to remind us to tell someone how special they are and how much joy and happiness they bring us.  The love you share with your children, your spouse, your siblings, your parents, friends and coworkers should be cherished everyday.  There is love in your life in every relationship you have, each brings you a special lesson and adds dimension and meaning to your life.   Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading.  The hubby and I still don't have plans, got any suggestions? 😛

by LifeStyledbyErica ❤️

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