Fashion 101: How to Create a Minimalist Fall Wardrobe

September 21, 2017

"Less is more", truer words have never been spoken.  Let's face it, trendy and I have no qualms but minimalist style is sooo becoming my thang!  Maybe it was the trip to Paris, maybe it was my "No Shopping August Challenge", maybe it's having a son in college, maybe it's being sick of looking at my closet, feeling overwhelmed and like I have nothing to wear or maybe I am growing up a little and feel like I am enough, I am confident and don't need the frills to feel good enough.  Maybe its one of those or all of those but I have been shopping less and curated an almost fool proof fall style palette with things I already own and I thought you might want in on it.  Let's jump in, shall we?  


I mean what can I say about a blazer that I haven't already said in this post?  They are awesome and literally finish every look you can imagine.  Dresses? Done. Jeans and a tee? Got you covered. Transitional piece to wear in place of a coat? Did we just become best friends?  The point is your wardrobe isn't complete without at least two blazers (thats going really minimalist there, I own at least 10 in all colors, shapes and sizes but I wear about 4 of them frequently).  White black, blue and tan, two, three or all four of these hues will get you through.  Feel like being adventurous?  Throw in a bright red blazer, you wouldn't believe how versatile that color can be especially through the fall and winter months.  

Lord have mercy ladies does anyone struggle in the jeans department like I do??  Finding a pair that fit and stay fit (saggy butt anyone) is nearly impossible.  I am currently living in mom jeans these days, mom jeans come up a little high at the waist and skim the ankle.  This fit works really well for me since I have a mom "pooch" extra goodness in my tummy area that just never went away after I gave birth to my son 18 years ago! (Thanks Tyler, lol) High-waisted jeans celebrate the smaller part of your body, your waist and is forgiving in other areas, your tummy.  It isn't about seeking perfection, its about finding what works for you.  I picked up a pair from Zara and H&M, the price is affordable and the shape is long lasting.
Button Down Shirts 

You should have a few, I have three pictured here that are so versatile.  They look great paired with jeans, slacks, skirts over a dress, I mean, versatile.  A white cotton button down shirt is a MUST.  I can't begin to list all the ways you can wear this piece but I will say you can even take it on a beach vacation and wear it over a bath suit while you walk hand and hand with the person you love.  You will always feel chic and timeless in white cotton, you just will.  Don't argue with me! 👅 The other two tops have a pattern which is visually interesting but it is still a very minimal pulled together classic design.  Stripes and polka dots, get your hands on them! The white cotton button down and the stripe blouse are both from H&M and the polka dot top is from Zara, which I got almost a year ago from Thredup, whats thredup? Do you want to save some money with a code?  Read more here.

Graphic tees are a bit trendy these last few years but that is because tees, graphic or not, is an American staple, am I right?  Fit, again is everything.  I am loving the feminine, politically charged tees like the #freethenipple tee pictured above.  Check out the hashtag to learn more about this movement, I could talk about it, but to keep with my less is more theme, I will leave it there.  The point is tees are being worn with everything, they are comfy, can be dressed up or dressed down, worn to work and on the weekend.  H&M has a great selection of basic tees that are loose, fitted, long sleeved, cap sleeved and tank top. Get. You. Some. Tees!

This is a no brainer, minimalist style is all about chic, comfy, and the I-am-not-trying-to-pull-anything-off-but-of-course-I-am.  Loafers are a girls dream come true.  Now I will say I was a heels, all day everyday kind of girl especially at work.  Not these days, I have invested in a few fun but classic shoes that have literally been giving me life and add a little something special to my looks.


Scarves are a chic and minimalist girl's best friend.  It is the easiest way to add a little bit of visual interest to an otherwise simple look.  Scarves also show your fashion chops.  I am telling you throw a gorgeous print scarf around your neck, a button down shirt, jeans, voila! Not only are you cool but you've got a little of the Parisian thing going on.  Timeless!

There are so many others tricks to this minimalist style I could share, for example hats, coats etc but this is the basic starter kit.  Of course you know there is more to you and life than your style.  I never want you to think that style is all that matters, cause it isn't.  Happiness, feeling grounded, having a sense of purpose, love, relationships all of those are important but self love is key.  You must care for your body from the inside out.  I believe that to my very core and I hope that is what I am imparting to you on my blog.  I had a lot of fun putting this together.  Let me know if you want a guide to a minimalist work wardrobe!

With love,


By LifeStyledbyErica 


  1. Your flats are amazing!!!! I have to say that I don't have a minimalist closet, as my style tends to change each year to a degree. But, I can truly admire someone who can pull it off while looking stylish all the time.

    Thrifting Diva

  2. Great tips!! Obsessed with your shoe choices!! XOXO

  3. I really love this minimalist style! You have the cutest pieces that really elevate a simple look! I love your blog, and nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award that's been going around! You can see the post here! xo, Brittany

    1. WOW! Thank you so much Brittany! Sorry it took me so long to see this, there has been a lot going on but this totally made my week. I am going check out the blog post right now..

  4. love this fabulous red blazer!

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