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January 29, 2018

loves! If you follow along on Instagram (as you should, I am ALWAYS on there) you will get to see my every day, wear-to-work looks.  When I first started this blog I thought everything should be "staged" meaning I would dress for the shoot but now that I am a year into it and really finding my groove I prefer the every day looks.  Those are where I am most comfortable and I don't have to over think it, I just wear what I feel.  Currently, we are in the "off season" since we have no winter classes, Ive taken advantage and been a bit more playful and creative with my office-wear looks.  Now, I do work in higher education and that can be a little tricky, but I work at an architecture school where creativity roams around every nook and cranny of the building, so I can afford to be a bit more creative in what I wear.  Now, when I have scheduled meetings across campus or across town, I opt for more conservative look.  That is for another post, this post is about what I wore last week so let's jump in shall we?

First Look: Sweater Dress+ OTK boots + Shearling

I never wear over-the-knee boots to work UNLESS under a long skirt or dress.  While I am all about exuding your personal style at work, I draw the line at over the knee boots with short dresses or over jeans for the office, leave that for the weekend.  Shop the look now.

Second Look: Layered Slip Dress 

This is one of my favorites this week.  This dress has become such a staple piece in my wardrobe, I had no idea when I brought it last year during one of Zara's amazing sales, for like $20!  Who says you can only wear it in warmer weather.  You can wear this with a chunky knit, under a blazer or with a basic long sleeved t-shirt like I did here.  I threw on a belt to give the outfit a structured and finished look.  Shop the look now.

Third Look: Long blazer + turtleneck knit + leather pants 

I had a work event the night I wore this outfit.  It was an alumni event so I knew that I could be a little playful with my outfit that morning.  I opted for this black and camel look with the boots as the focal point.  I LOVE these zara booties, they are out of my comfort zone and that is exactly what I love about them.  They are cut off in this photo, scroll to my next look for a better view. Shop this look now.

Final Look: Faux Leather Cullottes + Oversized Knit

My final and really my favorite outfit of the week was inspired by the gorgeous LA blogger and new mommy, Sazan.  She wore this look with a midi-skirt but the color combo is what I picked up on with this look.  I mean how amazing are these boots?? Shop the look now:

That is it my loves!  Do you like these types of wrap ups? Do you like me deconstructing looks?  

With love, 


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