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February 5, 2018

 January was what some might call my epiphany.  You know that moment, where it just becomes so clear?  Three weeks ago to be exact, I decided that I would fully commit to my blog.  Now, I have said that before and you wouldn't see a blog post from me again for another month.  I get it.  But here is the thing, I think you grow into blogging.  It starts as something you want to try out, you are curious about and you think "hey, I have presence, I can acquire a million followers in 6 months!"  Ok, I might be exaggerating, but its true in my case.  I thought that I had to build the following before I could commit to creating the content, boy was I wrong.  I missed the bullseye completely, not only was it an egg before a chicken dilemma but it was a major distraction.  Growth takes time and patience, it takes trial and error and a ton of mistakes and I am open to all of it!  First thing up, discipline.  I am carving time out of my weekends and weeknights to write.  I walk around with a little notebook, just writing notes throughout my day with leads on future posts about marriage, family, style and culture, a taste of NY.   I revamped my site to allow room for growth, discovery and all of my musings.  I am glad you are here.
I hope you have enjoyed the first three chapters of my first series, I am a Bad Mom.  This series is teaching me the discipline that I so desperately need to meet the demands I have placed on myself for this space.  I committed to a new chapter every week and last week was a hectic week at work and I did not carve anytime out for the post.  I wrote my last chapter the night before it was due and it wasn't my best work.  It felt rushed and short and my closest readers (my hubby) called me out on it.  As a wise professor once told me in grad school, feedback is a gift!  Lesson learned. Have you subscribed to my blog yet? I already started working on this week's chapter and I might hit publish on Thursday night, if you were subscribed you would get it straight to your mailbox. Just saying'.

About this look: I thrifted this trench from where else? Thred-up!  I was in the market for a structured, quality trench coat.  I started online shopping and a good one can run you up to $150, I popped into thred-up's website and found this beauty for $40!!

Use this code for $10 off your first purchase.  I highly recommend navigating the site using their filters.  I normally log on with an item in mind and use their filters to narrow down brand, size and color.  Happy Thrifting!  Cant find what you need, check out some dups and the EXACT jeans to this look below:

Thanks for reading! XOXO LifeStyledbyErica

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