Spring Trends I am LOVING!

March 2, 2018

Trends aren't normally my forte.  I do believe that women should establish style which transcends trends when trying to communicate who they are to the world, however trends touch all of us in some way.  We can avoid them altogether and most trends you want to!  Or we can pick the trends that actually align with our style and incorporate them into our daily lives.(I like that option) That is my schpel on trends and now shall we jump in??  NYFW is behind us but their trends are very much ahead of us.  This is a quick check in to chat about some of the trends I am already packing my closet with.

Polka Dots  

I am in heaven with this trend.  I have always loved polka dots but I don't think I ever owned the pattern at least not head to toe.  In the last two weeks I added two polka dot dresses to my collection.  One from Forever21, linked below and the other I thrifted, from where else? Thredup! I just think the pattern is super chic and easy enough to style.  I really love how it pops with red accents, pictured above and in the outfit I styled below.

Pro Tip on Trends - While I think polka dots are always "in" and worth an investment, you might not want to pay top dollar for this or any trend.  If I am digging a trend but know that it won't be a piece that I will wear throughout the seasons, I always turn to thrifting or the lower end stores like forever21.  You can satisfy your urge to rock the trend without breaking the bank.  I kid you not, I use the search option on thredup before I lust over buying a new piece.

Ice Cream Pastels

I can't help but think of the many, many Easters when my mother would dress my sister and I in our prettiest pastel colored dresses!  I don't think I fully appreciated it at the time and I will admit whether it is because I am a die hard- all-black-wearing-New Yorker or I wanted to distance myself as much as I could from those Easter dresses of my youth but I don't have much of any pastels in my closet.  That is until this past week when I got my hands on this gorgeous, super soft lavender dream sweater from H&M.  I wore it immediately and I got so many compliments on the color and how it worked with my skin tone so yeah, I am digging pastels this spring!  

Bold and Beautiful Colors

Ok, this seems to totally contradict the above, ice cream pastels trend and thats ok. This trend isn't for the woman who wants to "blend in" to the crowd.  This trend is for the woman who wants to exude power and confidence especially in the work place which is where I will be rocking this trend.  There is nothing with more of a "wow" factor than a bold suit (shoulder pads optional) and actually bold color, in my opinion is "in" year round!  I am including some great pieces so you can shop the trend below!  

What are some trends you are excited for this spring?  

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