Tips on How to Shop For and Rock "The Power Suit" (Think Red!)

March 13, 2018

Today's post is all about the power suit! Now, the women's suit is not new to fashion, the first suit was created for women in the 1910's when only 23% of women participated in the US workforce. The first of its kind was called the"suffragette suit" which was created in direct response to the hobble skirt which was hemmed so tight at the ankles it was hard for women to take unrestricted steps.  Fast forward 100+ years and a lot has changed including the little fact that 60% of women now participate in the US workforce, many of them business leaders, CEO's and entrepreneurs. Over the years fashion has responded with many variations of the female suit.  My fave? 1980's, the decade of the "power woman"when design was all about oversized fit taking focus away from her gender and creating a feeling of authority.  Think big, shoulder pads, loose, angular, androgynous silhouettes.  Ok the 80's isn't for everybody and luckily now women don't even need to wear a suit to show their power and authority and be respected in the workforce.  But thats not what this post is about. This post IS about the suit and tips on how to find the perfect one for your body type AND budget, hello.  So, if you read my spring trends post then you know one of the trends found on the runways at NYFW is the power suit in bold colors! Can we be any bolder than a red suit? I think not!   Let's dive in to discuss some tips on how to get the right suit for the right price!  

1) Fit, Fit, Fit

In fashion as in life, fit is EVERYTHING!  Think comfort (duh) but also think about cuts that will flatter and elongate your body.  Now, I am 5'6 and Ive got some legs on me but I could always use the illusion of longer legs.  Longer legs slim you out.  I stick with a high-waisted (cover that tummy), wide-legged trouser, like pictured in this post.  Now I happen to think this fit can be universally flattering, except for my super petite readers. I happen to think that a tapered leg is a better cut but if you want to rock this style I would recommend flared leg as long as the hem hits right over the heel.  There is nothing better than a tailored, made-just-for-you fit.  This might mean a little extra in your budget but trust me a good tailored trouser is timeless and you will wear it for years and years.  It is worth the investment. 

Blazer: My blazer is a nod to the 80's power suit or what is now called "the boyfriend blazer" that I talked about earlier.  It has some shoulder pad action going on and has a long fit so it hits me right at the mid-upper thigh which again, elongates the silhouette creating one long line from the shoulder to the shoes!  (Trust me, you want that!)

Some extra tips on finding a great fitting blazer include:

  1. should be fitted across the shoulders, but not stretched taut
  2. the hem should skim your hipbone
  3. you should be able to button it without pulling

2) Thrift!  

Unless this is your first time here on this blog (hi!) you already know how much of a fan I am of thrifting!  I use ALL the time.  I breakdown how I use thredup to shop in this post.  This suit is not a set.  I thrifted the blazer that happened to match perfectly with these trousers from h&m.  You don't have to be conventional when it comes to rocking a suit, mixing and matching textures flexes your styling chops.

A good blazer can run you a good penny, think $100-$150, but if you thrift your blazer you can spend a fraction of that price on quality, lightly-used, name brand blazers that will carry you through all seasons.  Take a look at some of thredup blazers here.  And if you are interested in saving more money then use this code to save you $10 off your first purchase.

3) Mix and Match

One of my favorite things about a suit is being able to style them as separates.  Blazers can be worn with jeans, skirts over dresses, I mean the list goes on and on.  Same with the suit trouser.  I have worn these trousers more than a few times since I bought them last November.  I never imagined that I would rock red after the holiday season but turns out the red trouser can be a neutral.  Take a look at my instagram to see how I've styled them for work.  The last look I want to try with these trousers is a cool tee.  Wait for it.👀

4) Suits CAN Be Fun!

I know in my twenties I wore suits in an effort to be taken seriously by colleagues, but I thought they were stuffy and blah.  Sometimes they can be but not if you add some of your personality to them.  Skip the stuffy white cotton, button down shirt and opt for a great silk blouse in a great color.  I opted for my go-with-everything striped blouse.  This blouse is such a staple piece for me, I can style it with really anything in my closet.  It's such a fun piece.  Oh, and don't forget every girl's favorite, the shoes!  I opted for a red, patent leather heel for this look but you don't have to, try a block heel or a funky patterned heel! I have included links to this look below.  Happy shopping!💋

I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope Ive convinced you that suits can be fun, versatile, budget friendly AND on trend. Will you take this trend out for a walk? 


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