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March 31, 2018

When I realized that it has been almost a year since I updated you on my hair care routine I nearly flipped out!  So much has changed and you know what else has changed as a result? The health of my hair! Let's take this step by step, shall we?

1) Diet

What you eat is so important for the health of your hair, skin and entire body.  Health starts with what you put into your body.  Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and healthy fats is key.  A few things that I eat all the time are avocados (yay) salmon, eggs, spinach, yogurt etc.  Adding these into your daily diet will add shine to your hair and skin.  Read all about it here.

2) Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

This is not sponsored! I read some amazing reviews on these vitamins and saw the before and afters and well I just had to try it for myself.  I ordered a 3 month supply, of which I have already completed two months.  I want to dedicate an entire post to my experience with sugar bear hair vitamins but I could NOT write an updated hair care post and not include these adorable, yummy gummies.  I noticed a difference in the health and shine of my hair two weeks in, not to mention the strength of my nails that would always break in between manicures.  While I know it wasn't the gummies alone, it definitely gave me the boost I needed to get back on the healthy hair road.  I have before pictures and when I am done with my 3 month supply I will take and share an after to see if there has been growth.  I am sure there has been but my hair feels thicker and more full and that is more important to me than the length.  Oh, one more thing before I started taking these gummies, my hair was falling out when I washed or combed it, a lot. It was alarming.  Since starting these gummies I have noticed a dramatic difference and that is probably why my hair feels thicker, it isn't thinning and falling out like it was before.  #winning

3) Washing

Here is the truth, I don't think anyone should wash their hair more than once a week.  I don't. You might disagree and thats fine.  This works for me, so I will rephrase that.  I don't need to wash my hair more than once a week, sometimes once every week and a half.  It doesn't really matter what shampoo I use, anything will do as long as its sulfate and alcohol free.  The more frequently I washed my hair the drier and lackluster it would become.  The chemicals found in shampoo are just so drying not to mention what they do to your hair color (I have caramel lowlights).  If you can get away with it, wait a little between washes.  See if you notice anything different.  That might mean styling your hair in more up hair styles or using a dry shampoo in between washes if you hair is oily or becomes limp, more about that below.  What do you have to loose? It is worth a shot! Oh and NEVER, EVER wash your hair with hot water.  Take a hot shower if you like but when washing out shampoo and conditioner turn the temp cooler.  This helps prevent scorching your wet and vulnerable locks.

3) Hair Mask Conditioner 

I still use Argan Oil Hair Mask that I was using in my last hair care update.  Although, because I wash my hair so infrequently I use the mask like a conditioner.  While in the shower, after I wash my hair, I apply the mask.  I concentrate and start with the ends and work my way up to where my hair hits the base of my neck.  I leave this hair mask on for about 5 minutes and wash it out with cool water.  This mask smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and tangle free.

4) To Towel or Not to Towel, that is the question

I don't towel dry my hair.  I will wring it out and pat the excess water off of my wet hair with the towel, but that is it.  Towel drying my hair leads to frizz, so I skip it.  I will pass a comb through my hair after I have been out of the shower for about 30 minutes, so my hair is drying up.  Combing your hair fresh out of the shower causes breakage. Just wait a good 20 minutes to pass a comb through any knots.  I let my hair completely air dry and I won't touch it until the morning when it is time to style it for the day.

5) Hot Tools

I love my Remington Curling Wand it is what I use to create a soft wavey look.  I have had this wand for over 2 years and it has not failed me yet.  I set it at 375 and before I even THINK about passing it through my hair I protect my hair with Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray.  This stuff really works!  I would burn my ends to a crisp once upon a time, not anymore.  My ends are healthier and shinier since using the spray before bringing it close to a hot tool!

6) Schedule Regular Visits to your Hair Salon

I realize a trip to the hair salon could be costly.  Not only financially but also we may find we have limited time to pamper ourselves.  I get that, I realize my boys are older and need less of my time, so I have more time to play with.  I know as moms, self care isn't always a priority but might I make an appeal and say that you are worth and can find at least 2 hours every 5 months. Am I right?  I can't stress enough how important it is to trim your hair and get a salon-quality deep conditioning treatment.  So do it, I dare you.  ðŸ’–
I trust my hair to Giancarlo's in the Bronx's Morris Park area.  Blertta is an expert colorist.  She is sweet and really listens to her clients and together you can come up with something that works for your hair type.

I hope this helps.  Please feel free to share some tips that have helped you grow healthy hair.  I LOVE hair tips!

Until next time loves.



  1. Alright lady, I’m all about not washing my hair often, but I need some up hairstyles that are more professional for work and cute for the weekend then the ponytail I normally rock, and hate.


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