How to Style Denim Culottes

August 28, 2018

This past Sunday, in order to entice you to read my newest post, 8 Fall Pieces That Are in Every Chic Girl's Closet I did an instastory poll and included denim culottes.  You overwhelming voted it's a no, but I am not convinced (and I had already shot this look 😆) so bear with me while I convince you otherwise.

High-waisted culottes are everywhere this season a much appreciated throw back to the 70's vibe. While that alone is no reason to buy a pair, I will say they do tend to flatter most body types.  High-waisted works to hide/cover the pooch or the food belly, so that is a plus.  High waisted hits above the belly button at the smallest part of your waist making it look tiny, another plus.

What makes pants culottes you might ask.  Well they are wide legged and the hem hits you above the ankle (think high water pants).  The combination of the two can work really well at creating volume on your lower half and space between your leg and the pant which gives you the "legs for days" effect and make you look tall and lean, another plus.  

Tip: If you are vertically challenged I would shy away from wearing too much of a flared culotte pant, otherwise it will over power your frame.  

When styling this look it was important that I kept the top half fitted like I did with this cropped peasant top.  Finished off the look with some kitten heeled mules and my striped Zara purse. Done. 

Shop this look.

Have I convinced you yet? I thought so!  My jeans are from H&M and are the first on the carousel above.  They are soft denim which make them super comfy.  I have worn these three times since I purchased them last week.  I am in love. 

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by LifeStyledbyErica 

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