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August 1, 2018

Ok to start I will say I have GOT to be more consistent with the quality of my content but when you are a woman on the go sometimes a cellphone is all you have to capture a quick snap of a look.  I will say you CAN tell the difference from my Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the Nikon my hubby uses.  The detail, color and quality are undeniable but lets jump into this!  A few months ago I did an instagram roundup like this one here and when checking my traffic that post got a lot of hits! So I thought I would give you more of what you want with my latest looks mixed work/weekend style.

First look: Maxi + Off the shoulder top

This outfit I wore over the weekend to attend two outdoor parties.  I woke up feeling tired and crampy as a result I was dragging my feet to get ready but I had been thinking of an outfit for the whole morning.  This polka dot beauty is actually a dress!  I will link it below.  The top part of the dress is a lot of well cleavage that I hardly thought was appropriate for a 1 year old birthday party but I knew I wanted to wear this DRESS!  I decided I would tuck in the top part of the dress, pull on this classic off the shoulder black top and belt it. Tada! It worked out brilliantly and this outfit was a real hit.  It was chic, effortless and kept me cool all day as I shuffled between outdoor parties.  Shop this look below.

Second Look: White Wrap Dress + Round Straw Hat

I wore this dress to work last week and talked showed you how I styled it on my instastory something I plan on continuing to do until I fix up a spare room and start filming videos!  Either way you should be following along.  :) This gorgeous dress I purchased on super duper sale last June is from H&M and it is a little complicated in that it has a lot going on.  It is a wrap dress, pleated with a dropped-waist that is suppose to have a loose it so it does add volume to the lower half of your body but I argue that the wider straps on top help balance out the symmetry.  The first one on the carousel below is the exact dress I am wearing the rest are alternatives I am drooling over right now..

Third Look: Striped blouse + work shorts + Red clutch

I LOVE this look, I really do.  Some might think it a bit too risqué for work and I might agree with you.  I work in higher education, in a creative discipline and we are on summer break which means that things are a little bit more relaxed and we don't have many visitors.  I had no meetings scheduled and it was my "Friday" before my birthday weekend (why I am I explaining myself to you,lol).  Work shorts are in and there are many work short suits that have been on trend so there!  Now ladies, you do need balance so if you are showing a bit of leg you should wear a more structured sleeved blouse. Shop the look below.

Final Look: Classic tee and the best darn cutoff shorts I have ever owned!

Classic cutoff denim that fit so good you'd think they were custom made just for you!  Ok I might be over the top tonight but I have been searching for these exact shorts for my whole life and when I found them and they fit well lets just say I have worn them every chance I could ever since.  I have linked these exact pair below.  My advise, size up.  Moving on to my adorable backpack, when I purchased this bag I didn't realize how versatile it would be.  It can be dressed up or down and I have gotten a lot of use out of it.  Shop this look below.  I didn't add any tee's because you can get a classic white tee anywhere, it should be part of your basics.  I got mine from H&M, in case you are interested. 

So there you have it a few of my latest instagram looks deconstructed for your viewing and shopping pleasure! I hope you enjoy this round up.  Watch out for more to come.  Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post. 

Until next time.


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