Why I Started the Beach Body Guide Program (BBG) and You Should Too!

August 12, 2018

Fitness has always been an important part of my life, some times more than others but it has always been a part of my lifestyle.  Working out builds my confidence, gives me a sense of control and clears my mind.  There are so many benefits to exercise which I am sure you have already heard all about so I won't bore you by repeating them.

I went away for a week on a family cruise in June and since returning have been unable or unwilling to go to the gym.  I just couldn't get back into my routine.  There was always something preventing me from going so I spent the entire month of July inactive which horrified me and made me moody and irritated.  It was a vicious cycle, the more I put it off the more excuses I could come up with.  Believe me it happens to the most motivated of us.  Then a little over a week ago, after seeing the #bbg program talked about on instagram, many of the bloggers I follow swearing by it, it dawned on me, "I should try this!".  (Ahh the power of influence) So, last Monday I downloaded the SWEAT app and gave it a go and I am so happy I did.  Here is what I love about it:

1) Each workout is 28 minutes long! It took me a little longer than 28 minutes this week, I would spill over past the allotted time but I didn't want to shortchange myself.  I am competing with myself so if it takes a little longer, it takes a little longer.  I know I will get there eventually as I grow stronger and build endurance.  You have to start somewhere right?

Workout Plans + Organizer 


2) Workout Plan for Dummies.  I am doing the BBG Stronger Program with Kayla Itsines (there are four plans in total, including Body and Mind, Pwr, and Post-Pregnancy). So how this works is every week you must complete 3 Resistance workouts, 3 Cardio Workouts and 3 Recovery Workouts.  I realize if you do the math that is a 9-Day week, lesson learned for this newbie.  Next week I will incorporate the recovery on my cardio days.  You can do any variation as long as you get them done.  For example this first week I started with resistance on Monday and Tuesday, then got a cardio session in on Wednesday (power walk on the track) I did a bonus challenge on Thursday cause I was short on time.  Resistance on Friday and then ended the weekend with the final two of my cardio sessions.

I think this week is going to look like this:

 Cardio + Recovery
 Cardio+ Recovery
 Cardio + Recovery

Sample Meal Ideas:


3) Each Exercise is Broken Down with Alternates.  It is like having a trainer in your house with you.  The app provides GIFs of the workout sequences so you understand the right form.  A lot of the moves are pretty basic moves, squats, push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, crunches etc but form is very important to avoid any injury.  

4) The App has Motivation Built in! So as I said before, this is me vs me.  Obviously I could skip a workout session and punch into the app that I have done it or I can do 10 reps to the apps suggested 20 but who am I fooling? No one but myself.  I feel very proud when I complete a circuit even if it takes longer than the app has timed it for.  I don't want to skimp on my own goals.  At the end of a circuit or a workout it alerts you with a fog horn!  I know this might seem silly but when that fog horn goes off and I see "WORKOUT COMPLETE" on my screen I feel such a level of accomplishment!  There is also a sweat drop at the top left corner of the app that gets colored in with every exercise you complete, I love seeing that drop color in knowing I have done something good for my mind and body.  

5) Meal Plans and Progress Tracking. The app has built in meal plans that cater to all different diet plans, vegetarian (me), vegan, pescetarian and every other diet plan you can think of.  The meal plans are easy to follow and provide recipes for their suggestions.  I am still new to the app so I haven't really explored or began to use the meal plan or the progress tracking just yet but I imagine 2 or 3 weeks in I will.  I haven't even taken before pics so I can share my #transformationtuesday picture! I don't know what that is about, maybe its psychological, I worry I might give up?  I don't know, any psychiatrists out there? I will take my before pic this week because it is important to see where you began so you see how far you have come.  That in itself is motivation.  

Other thoughts: 

You can do this program right at home, at any time of the day, with minimal equipment needed.  This week I needed a mat, free weights and a bench (I used my vanity table bench) so that means you can do this even if you are traveling.  I am a night owl so I prefer to workout in the evening right before I shower and pile into bed.  I can easily come home and plop on the sofa but in the back of my mind I am thinking, "come on Erica, you can spend 30 minutes on this sofa or you can get a 30 minute workout in and feel stronger and clear minded".  I have been choosing the latter. 

Cost: This app is free to download on your phone and comes with a 7 day free trial after that you can choose to pay $20 month to month or you can opt for a year and pay $10 a month.  I think I am going to do $20 a month to start, baby steps..this is the long game and I want to see how the workouts progress before I pay for the full year just yet.  In short I LOVE this program.  I have seen it work for others and I am determined to stick through this.  I share screenshots on my instagram story from the app after I have completed a workout for two reasons, keep me honest and motivate others! 

I can't wait to check in after doing this for an entire month to share my progress with you.  Either way fitness is important not for vanity although it is GREAT to see the physical changes in your body, but for mindfulness and overall emotional wellbeing.  Study after study has shown the importance of a daily fitness routine whether it is intense or moderate like walking for 30 + minutes a day or practicing yoga or pilates, it is important to get your body moving in order to keep it moving forever.  It is no secret I am approaching my 40's I want my body and mind to be strong for as long as it is humanely possible.  Every day that I choose to care for my body and my health is an extra day I get to live.  :)  What motivates you? 👄 Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an update!

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  1. Just subscribed to BBG. Your motivation and this blog is the reason why! So excited to start this new journey on Monday :)

  2. YAY!! That makes me so happy to hear!! Please share your thoughts with me once you start. Don't give up! :)

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