Thrift Like a BAWSS With These Top 4 Sites

September 1, 2018

Happy September! I know, I can't believe it too.

We have become a "throw-away" society.  Labor is exploited, clothes are cheap, trends change with the seasons, not to mention with social media we might feel like we can't be seen wearing the same thing twice (heaven forbid ๐Ÿ˜ณ).  Actually that last one is not something I believe at all but some do.  Clothes are an investment we make and of course we should wear them over and over.  I have been thrifting for over two years now and I am STILL amazed with my finds, their like-new quality and not to mention the money I save AND the fact that I am helping the planet (its a great way to recycle).  I have scoured the internet and will now list my top four thrifting sites!

1) ThredUp

This site is definitely my go to and I talk all about why here. Thredup buys and sells used clothes I have bought AND sold clothes with thredup.  Both without any complaints.  Their site is fun, modern and easy to navigate.  One negative, you don't get a refund on the stuff you return, you get a credit on the site which isn't so bad because I buy on their so frequently but still I don't like not having an option. Sorry, thredup.  I am sure you have your reasons.

2) Poshmark 

Unlike ThredUp, Poshmark doesn't buy or sell the clothes, instead it is a marketplace where sellers come to post their closet items and buyers come to buy from those sellers.  Buyers are able to rate the sellers in their service, delivery and quality of clothes sold.  As a result their site isn't as cool to browse as thredup is since the lighting and the style is all uniformed, poshmark is not.  Some of the clothes can look a little "shady".  I purchased this GAWGEOUS blazer that I am wearing in this post. I love it! It is the perfect addition to my closet.  I missed it when Zara was selling it so I was soo happy to find it here.

3) Tradesy

In the market for a designer bag? Shoes? Or clothes? without designer prices?  Tradesy has got you covered!  You can buy and sell your high end pieces on this site and unlike poshmark, Tradesy enhances your pictures so your pieces can move quickly and they ship you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping supplies, easy right?  Cost? They charge you a flat fee of $7.50 on items sold for under $50 and 19.8% commission on $51 and above.  This is a great site to go treasure hunting on, they carry THE most beautiful dresses and handbags that I have ever seen.

4) ASOS Marketplace

Have you shopped on asos before? Asos is definitely my go-to place for unique styles, cuts and fits at a great price point but did you know they had a "marketplace"?  Asos Marketplace houses awesome vintage pieces and a huge variety of other clothing from more than 1000 boutiques.  Great pieces from independent designers and individual sellers.  If you didn't know, consider yourself schooled!

Shop my look( with the exception of the bag and skirt, all thrifted!)

There you have it, my go-to thrifting sites.  I hope you found this helpful and enlightening.  Until next time, don't forget to share and subscribe!  

By LifeStyledbyErica ๐Ÿ’‹

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