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October 13, 2018

Hello lovies! If you follow me on instagram, you don't? Do it now by clicking here. Ok so I am always sharing movies I am watching, music I am loving, books I am currently reading, podcasts I can't get enough of and all of life's in-between's on my instastories.  There is so much media and entertainment to consume it can feel overwhelming so I love getting recommendations from people and I thought you might too! As we know unless you mark them as a highlight, instastories are gone in 24 hours which I guess makes sense so I thought why not a more permanent home, like say MY BLOG! Let's jump in.

Current Podcast: Serial 

 Specifically the third season.  Serial host, Sara Koenig and her team tackle the entire criminal justice system, well actually the Cleveland criminal justice system but there are similarities that extend beyond the Cleveland system that are comparable to the entire US justice system.  Sara spends time with those accused, the arresting police (sometimes), their lawyers, the prosecutors,  and the judges.  How easily pleas are negotiated by those not affected, the minimal evidence that is needed and the speed in which "justice" is served. series explores the "extraordinary stories of ordinary cases."  I am absolutely LOVING this podcast.  Currently the series is on episode 5, with new episodes released every Thursday.  

Currently Reading: No One Cares About Crazy People

 Author and journalist Ron Powers, explores mental illness with a personal, heartbreaking twist, both his sons are diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I just started this read but as a person who has dealt with mental illness in my own family, this book explores mental illness with such care it is hard to put it down.  Mental illness affects more people in our society then we really care to explore or admit, education is key.  Humanizing the mentally ill and beginning with their humanity is key to supporting and caring for our especially vulnerable.  

Currently in the Theaters: A Star is Born

 A Star is Born was released last week and after all the buzz I knew I had to check it out!  The hubby and I got our tickets and caught a matinee showing over the long weekend.  This movie is everything you have heard and more.  Both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga give Oscar worthy performances.  The movie is beautifully shot and takes a bit of a short cut when exploring mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse although its effects are evident.  The music is, well its my next favorite...

Currently Listening to: A Star is Born Soundtrack

 When the first single, Shallow, was released a week before the movie I scrambled to download it.  I hadn't even seen the movie and the song brought me to tears.  Lady Gaga sings with such vulnerability its hard not to feel it.  Well the soundtrack only got better after I saw the movie and now I am waiting for Bradley to come out with his own album. 👀😁

Currently On Netflix: Nappily Ever After

 Sanaa Lathan is exceptional in her portrayal of woman who on the surface seemed to have it all until she hit rockbottom and was forced to give herself a closer look.  Nappily Ever After, adapted from a book of the same title written by Trisha R. Thomas, explores black women's relationship with their hair and every women's relationship with their image.  Full disclosure: I cried and you will too.  

Currently Purchased: 

Finally I can't leave you without sharing some current closet adds, can I? My favorite on this carousel are the H&M denim, they are lightweight and easy to move in and most importantly, for me anyway, the color I have been desperately trying to add to my jean collection!  

I think I will leave it there so I can save something for the next installation of "currently in". Until next time, don't forget to subscribe to the blog and follow along on instagram.

Until next time,

By LifeStyledbyErica

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