Fall Skin Care Routine

October 23, 2018

Fall is here and yes that means pumpkin lattes, chunky knits, over the knee boots and berets but colder air also means less moisture in the air which can lead to dry, patchy skin, at least for me it does. I have sensitive skin with some redness around my cheeks.  I have to be careful with the products I use all year round but my skin is especially vulnerable in the fall and winter.  In order to combat that  I switch up my skin care routine to meet the demands of the winter air.  Today I want to share those products along with some skin care tips.

You may remember from this post I was head over heels when I discovered argan oil!  I still am don't get me wrong, but argan oil works perfectly for my skin during the spring and summer seasons when my skin tends to be naturally moisturized and even slightly oily.  I realize it seems counter intuitive to add oil to oily skin but trust me, it works for me.  In the cooler months I make a switch to a rich cream moisturizer like A Perfect World by Origins which retails for about $45 and can be purchased online or at any Ulta, Macy's or Sephora.  A good friend of mine who happens to be a kick ass manager at Ulta and an all around beauty guru suggested I try A Perfect World after I had tried the Origins Ginzing and it almost immediately dried out my skin.  The reviews on the Ginzing cream are universally good but in my case with my skin type it wasn't a match.  It could be for you so I linked some options to try below and share with you a step by step morning and evening skin care routine with shapable links.

Products I Use:

Morning Routine = Toner + Origins Cream + Cetaphil Red Relieving Daily Moisturizer (see below) followed by everyday makeup. 

Night Routine = Micellar 3 in 1 Cleanser (to gently remove my makeup) + Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser (in the shower) + Origins Cream + Cetaphil Red Relieving Night Moisturizer (this stuff is AMAZE BALLS and can't be beat for the price!) 

Full Disclousure: These photos are not edited in ANY way, no filters, no face tune, just good light and a simple skin care routine that has been doing wonders!  All I am wearing in these photos and actually all I have been wearing on my skin for weeks is the daily facial moisturizer posted in the carousel above.  I don't use any foundation, I don't need to.  

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I talked about this on instagram earlier this week, caring for your skin doesn't start or end with an expensive cream.  Skin is the human body's largest organ and like all of your other organs you must care for it from within with proper diet and exercise.  As you have read herehere and here for the last seven months I have lived a vegetarian lifestyle.  I make a green juice almost every morning, recipe can be found here.  I eat a ton of vegetables, fish, nuts, beans, lots of good fats like avocado, salmon, salads dripped with olive oil, just good fresh food.  I drink and have always drank lots of water.  Recently I have been trying to cut back on my caffeine intake and swap out my afternoon coffee for a peppermint tea with honey.  As I shared with you a few months ago in this post I started the Beach Body Program better known as the BBG program.  I am currently in my 12th week and I have to tell you a good sweat session is just what you need to get those toxins out of your body so you can get that natural glow.  

Lifestyle is so important to your the health of your skin, hair, nails and your overall well-being.  

In my next post I will share the reasons why I started the BBG program and what has kept me on the program consistently for the last 12 weeks.  I'll give you a hint, it isn't cause I hate my body.  😉

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