I'm Going in a New Direction

October 15, 2018

You might have noticed from the description in my instagram bio that I am pivoting from defining myself as a fashion blogger into something that has deeper meaning for me.   For a long time, probably since I started this blog, I questioned what I wanted to offer my readers and whether or not it was true to who I was.  Yes, I love fashion. No, I don't live to shop nor do I want to seduce you into buying what I am wearing, although I am happy to share. ๐Ÿ’• Yes, I love skincare and beauty. No, I don't love to spend half my mortgage on it.  I craved to create a space of honesty, vulnerability and self love.  Throughout this blogging journey the posts I have loved to write the most are the ones that challenged me, scared me and in many ways healed me.  I worried what others might think and how their perceptions of me might change after reading my stories of being a teen mom with an abusive boyfriend or whether or not I could share a piece of my story as a sexual abuse survivor or my struggle prioritizing my health and gyn visits.  Turns out those are the posts you love the most.  They are raw and honest and connect us in ways that seem so important now.  I would receive messages like, "oh my god, I had no idea", or "wow, you have been through so much" or "thank you for sharing, your story has helped me" and it made my heart smile.

We are a full year past the #metoo movement and just last week a Supreme Court nominee accused of sexual assault was sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court following a public, televised hearing the world was watching.  It can deflate, stigmatize and further isolate survivors.  I know now more than ever what my purpose is in this online space.  I am an educated, professional career woman, happily married with an adult son who is a US Marine, a teenage stepson and a beautiful pup named Timmy.  I am a full 8 years past the trauma of abusive relationships and in the most healthy and fulfilling relationship of my life but I will never be completely healed of the trauma I endured and still suffer with the residue of those experiences.  I am safe, loved and finally in a place in my life where I can share my stories with women and men who are currently suffering through abuse or beginning to heal from it.

I understand above all that happiness and mental well being is an inside job and it starts with prioritizing yourself, feeding your body and soul with goodness everyday.  I will continue to work on sharing stories that make me feel uncomfortable but know are important and meaningful to you in an effort to break the stigma of a victim of abuse.  And I won't just be sharing those stories, I also care deeply about mental health issues and breaking those stigmas.    I will share my own struggles with self love and body positivity because I believe all of these are connected.   I will share affirmations and daily inspiration that inspire me to love myself exactly the way I am in the hopes that it will inspire you to love yourself too.  I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey and know you have a friend in me.  I know the pain. I know the loneliness. I also know there is light ahead.

For anyone currently suffering through abuse please know you aren't alone.  It isn't your fault.  You are deserving of a life filled with happiness and love.  You can still thrive and live a life of intention and purpose.

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By LifeStyledbyErica

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