Currently In: Media and Entertainment November Round-Up

November 16, 2018

I realize this is only my second installation of "Currently In" but can I say it is my favorite series yet! In case you missed the first one Ive linked it here.  So "Currently In" is where I share my monthly finds in all things entertainment i.e. books, podcasts, movies, tv shows, online articles, clothes, makeup..basically any and everything I can get my hands on.  I love doing the leg work and scouring the internet for things to share with you guys.  So lets jump in shall we?

Current Read: Frankenstein 

I will admit I never read this classic before.  I had seen a few versions of it on the big screen before decided I should add it to my list after it was referenced in another book I shared with you in my first currently in post.  It is a classic novel written by Mary Shelley at a time when women weren't believed to capable of such an act!  She actually told by her, would be publisher, that a woman could never think of such a story and so her husband must have written it! I know don't get me started.👿  I thought it was the perfect read especially as we are moving into the fall where the days are shorter, it feels like a bit of a scarier time all around so why not introduce some horror into my reading?  Let me start by saying the monster isn't the monster at all.  If you haven't read this book, what are you waiting for?

Current Podcast: Radiolab

WNYC's Radiolab is a GREAT podcast to add to your favorites.  They talk about all sorts of fascinating topics and what I love the most is they don't seek to explain it, only probe the question leaving listeners to see a topic in a totally different way.  A close friend of mine had recommended I listen to a three part series called, In the No, where they explored sexual consent, specifically times when a woman is with a partner and doesn't want to have sex but her male counterpart doesn't take her no as final and so continues his advances until they ultimately have sex.  I found this conversation to be fascinating, I mean who hasn't been in that type of situation? You like a guy, you want to hang out with him but you aren't interested in doing anything more than maybe cuddling and some kissing and he decides he is turned on and continues to pursue the issue until you concede.  It is thought provoking and upsetting if I am honest, but I love that these things are even being discussed in mainstream culture.  They also have a series on sexuality, it is a great podcast to check out I promise!

Currently on Netflix: Five Foot Two

You know last month I was all about Lady Gaga after seeing A Star is Born and obsessing over the soundtrack so when I saw this documentary on my netflix queue I was all about it! So "Five Foot Two",  follows Gaga as she adds the final touches to her 2016 album Joanne and prepares for her 2017 Super Bowl performance.  She is completely bare in this documentary although in my opinion also a little, oh whats the word, self serving, maybe?  I am no newbie to the documentary genre and they can really shape public perception.  I know honesty when they see it, but I felt this seemed a little forced, a little scripted.  When Gaga first dropped on the scene I found her completely over the top with all of her crazy costumes, seeking attention not so much for her talent, although she is full of it, but for her shock value, she admits to that and she is asking that we allow her to grow and evolve from that persona.  I get it, do you boo boo.

Currently on HBO:  Insecure Season 3


I LOVE me some Issa and Molly and while I will admit the first episode of Season 3 did not grab my attention, even though I had a viewing party to commemorate the occasion, this season was the best so far!  The season is only 8 episodes and all episodes are 30 minutes long so I decided to to just binge watch the whole season on one Saturday morning.  I wanted to kick myself for waiting so long because this season was amazing!  If you haven't seen season 1 and 2, DO IT!  Season 3 digs deeper into their friendships, relationships, careers while exploring themes of gentrification, racism and sexism.

Currently in Music: Chicano Batman Freedom is Free

This Mexican American band out of California is everything and a bag of chips!  Their music is unapologetically political and a big F.U. to this government's demonization of our immigrant population.  While the lyrics are emotionally charged, the music is upbeat and infectious.  My favorite is their bilingual spin on This Land is Your Land which they shared in a commercial for Johnnie Walker's Black Label which you can watch here .  They are definitely a band to watch out for.

Currently in Mental Health: Why Do I Feel Sad for No Reason?

This is a little bit different but definitely worth a share!  I stumbled on this article and shared it with a few friends who loved it!  This article introduces the concept of an emotional cold, you know those times where you feel melancholy for a spell with no good reason.  You aren't going through anything at the moment that might cause this sadness and yet there it is!  It happens and this article proves it is more than ok.  Enjoy loves!

Currently Purchased: 

Finally I can't leave you without sharing some of my latest acquisitions!  If yesterday's snow storm in NYC was any indication of the winter we are in for you better start filling your carts with warm and cozy coats, hats and knits! Shop my favs including my look with the shoppable links below! 

So there you have it my, November round up.

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