Second Act Movie Review

March 9, 2019

👍👍👍 out of 4 👍

This week has been a long and stressful week and when Friday night approached I was in the middle of decompressing from it all when my husband suggested we watch a movie.  We went through our options and stumbled on Second Act starring Ms. Jennifer Lopez and past right by it, lol.  After looking through the rest of our options my husband said, how about Second Act?  I, normally not a JLo fan but too tired to debate it threw my hands up and said, what the hell but let me shower first.  After said shower and comfy clothes we cuddled up and started watching.  Here is the premise in case you haven't heard of the movie before, 40 year old woman, high school drop out who is kicking ass as an assistant manager in a big box store, a la Walmart, is passed up for a promotion because of her lack of credentials.  She is devastated and makes a wish in front of her best friend played to perfection by her real life best friend, Leah Remini and her godson, a computer wiz.  Fast forward, a resume is doctored, a posh social media presence is created to back up said resume, followed by an actual interview at a huge beauty corporation.  She nails the interview and gets the job and...
I was loving the premise, the acting, the style and the feel of the movie and then there is a sort of wacky plot twist and I said out loud, "ugh, why did they have to go and do that for." 👀  But enough about that because that isn't the whole picture.  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it lifted my spirits and it was just what I needed from a comedy.

I woke up this morning with the film but more specifically the lead actress, Jennifer Lopez, on my mind and I thought it was so important that I shared it with my blogger community especially after a long hiatus and on the day after International Women's Day.  Jennifer has been performing and entertaining us for over 20 years.  She has shared her talent with us on the big screen and t.v. screen, she has created and produced shows, she has danced on the Las Vegas stage and a ton of award stages, she has toured internationally, made countless music videos, produced and recorded albums, has her own clothing line and the list just goes on and on and on and on.  She is dedicated to her craft and it shows in everything she does and I have never given her any credit. What more does this QUEEN need to do to be acknowledged by a plebeian like me??

On Thursday I attended a lecture given by the very talented landscape architect, Walter Hood (look him up, he has a Ted talk) after his presentation there was a conversation. He was spectacularly honest about race in America and how as a black landscape architect in a very white profession he has always had to work 3X as hard to get recognition and sometimes even harder.  Here I confess that I, a Puerto Rican woman who comes from the same place Jennifer Lopez has come from (BX baby!!) have done the same to her. I hate that I, like many, have slighted her or under minded her remarkable talent or have made her wait for over 20 damn years to finally give her the credit that she is owed.

Dear JENNIFER LOPEZ, I know its a little and I know its way overdue but you are an outrageously talented, skillful, brilliant entertainer and business woman and we are not worthy of your greatness but thank you for sharing your limitless talent with us in spite of it.

Thank you for reading my confession and film review.  Share your thoughts below.

Until next time.

By LifeStyledbyErica 💋

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